Compliant & Certified Translations

For many global public companies, filing their documents with various U.S. regulatory organizations means taking the forms and information from the source language and translating them to and from English. As such, the translation of financial, legal and medical documents for internal audits (i.e. Sarbanes-Oxley, HIPAA), U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) filings, or forms and documents to meet the requirements of the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act or HIPAA, calls for the use of a highly specialized language service provider like LanguageSpeak, familiar with each industry and its compliance regulations. Furthermore, LanguageSpeak provides:

CERTIFIED TRANSLATIONS: NASD Rule 3010 requires members to establish and maintain supervisory systems to ensure that the activities of their registered representatives and associated persons (in this case the translation firm) comply with applicable laws and regulations. In order to meet these standards, the financial services firm must take steps necessary to ensure that the translation of its presentation is accurate. LanguageSpeak provides this assurance by certifying the accuracy of every translated document through a Notarized Attestation.

INSURED TRANSLATIONS: Although LanguageSpeak has never had a claim against its errors & omissions coverage, our clients can rest assured knowing that we do insure our translations beyond the limits of industry standards.

BRAND LANGUAGE CONSISTENCY: Companies work very hard to develop and maintain their marketing and brand standards throughout all English printed and web content, yet when it comes to translating into other languages, those brand standards seem to go by the wayside. At LanguageSpeak, we work directly with marketing and brand to understand your target audience, develop a glossary of approved terminology for your company and develop a team of Certified Translators who specialize in these regulated industries in order to maintain consistency in the language . Furthermore, because there is a lot of repetition in various documents, LanguageSpeak utilizes translation memory (TM) tools to ensure consistency of terminology, expedite future revisions, and reduce translation costs. These tools should not be confused with machine translation (MT) software, which is unusable for translation of most legal documents.